When our toddler son started to draw it was a pleasure to follow his drawing process. From his first abstract scribbles, to drawings where he recorded the things of interest to him that he had seen that day.  

I saved his drawings in binders, dated, with a short accompanying description. One day I found them again in the attic, tucked away in boxes.

Finding treasure in his imaginative world, in bold lines, full of humor, I initiated a shared creativity project. I choose some of his finests drawings and recreated them and turned them into a series of books, trays and stationery.

The book Wonders on Wallpaper is featured on German (see here) and French websites (see here) for book designers, the book Caravan Dreams (about an adventurous caravan and his wondrous travels) on a Dutch site.

The freedom they represent reminds us of our own potential.