The series ONE&ONLY, a series of mysterious paintings of remarkable birds, critters and otherworldly beings full of suspense, offers a glimpse into their lives.

Where they’re from or where they’re going to, is hard to say, but they could exist someplace. They are finding their own way into an imaginative universe. They capture the familiar and illusive and seem real, yet slightly off beat. There’s an atmosphere that’s unsettling. They get under your skin, that’s for sure.

PENDING is a series of majestic portraits.

Their mighty heads, rough and creased in warm-muted tones, swell out of the picture. Their kinship is evident. Their coal-black eyes, convey depth and gravitate inwards into crevices of darkness. You can tell by looking at their gaze that they witness everything. Their powerful presence is confrontational as well as composed. Enveloped with silence, they reel you in and create space for contemplation.